Garage Door Opener Repair/Installation

Cumming, Georgia

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A garage door opener is a major component of an average garage door not only because it helps one in operating a garage door effectively but also because it helps prevent probable dangers during the opening and closing of a garage doors. Garage door openers manufactured post 1993 come equipped with the reversal mechanism, which definitely helps in preventing disastrous accidents and injuries.

It has also been observed that garage doors that have openers become kind of impervious to break-in attempts and this definitely becomes an added advantage. Modern-day garage door openers are also incorporated with rolling-code technology, wherein the code changes each time you operate the door. This again is an advanced security feature that makes it difficult for hackers to break through your security system.

A garage door is used multiple times in a day. Frequent usage leads to wear and tear in a garage door. As garage doors are composed of numerous parts, continual use leads to friction between various garage door that eventually leads to more damage. Regular wear and tear eventually affects garage door parts such as trolley and bolts and ultimately the functionality of the door on the whole.

When an opener has such vital functions to play, it is important that you avail regular and effective garage door opener repair services from time to time. If you’ve been planning to repair your opener yourself, think twice. It is a complex device and handling it without the right tools and knowledge can lead to disastrous results. If you are based in Cumming, GA, you can easily hire our team of knowledgeable and well-equipped professionals. Be it automatic garage door opener installation or the repairing of a residential garage door opener, our experts have always been appreciated for offering effective services.

Our trained team of professionals is adept in handling openers built by all the renowned manufacturers such as Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Craftsman, Sommer, Genie and Guardian. We basically work on the following models:


  • Craftsman chain drive overhead door openers
  • Craftsman ½ HP overhead door openers


  • MyQ belt drive garage door opener with battery backup
  • MyQ ¾ HPS Belt Drive
  • MyQ ¾ HPS Belt Whisper
  • ½ HP Whisper Belt Drive Opener


LiftMaster garage door openers are available in Elite series models, Contractor series models and Premium series models. If you have any of these opener models installed in your home, our garage door professionals can easily fix your opener issue and provide you with the most suitable solution.


You can easily depend on our garage door professionals for the repairing of of Synoris 800, Synoris 550 and other types of overhead door openers manufactured by Synoris.

Besides repairing and replacing overhead door openers, we also offer advanced garage door opener remotes, which cab be used for operating any automatic garage door opener.

  • 2 Button Universal Remote: Can be used for operating two garage doors. This remote is compatible with almost all overhead door openers that are manufactured by prominent brands.
  • 3 Button Mini Remote: This remote can easily be used for handling all openers sold after 1993
  • 3 Button Elite Remote: These are ideally designed to operate any LiftMaster opener manufactured post 1993.
  • 3 Button Visor Remote: Meant for openers launched since 1993.

Our Knowledgeable Service Team

At Garage Door Repair Cumming GA, our service team consists of industry professionals. Our team members are capable of offering effective garage door opener installation service to our clients. We are a local garage door service provider, who has been highly acclaimed for offering best quality garage door opener repair and replacement services to garage door users. Once you avail our residential garage door opener repair services, our technicians will never try to lower the cost by compromising on the quality of their services.

If you have been wary about the high cost for garage door opener, you have come to the right place. We offer garage door products and services at nominal rates. Additionally, we also offer lucrative discounts and offers, which are available almost throughout the year. Whether you’ve been looking for a durable garage door opener remote or planning to install a wireless key entry system, contact our professionals immediately.

Our Round-the-Clock Services

Our garage door service technicians can easily fix any critical problem in your garage door opener at any time of the day. Our prospective clients can call us in the middle of the night and on holidays and weekends as well. Our dedicated team of garage door professionals is always available to address your garage door concerns. We understand that garage door emergencies do not always occur at a fixed time; therefore, our garage door professionals are available 24/7 and 365 days of the year to fix your garage door issues.

When our clients call us for emergency cases, we make sure that we address their concern on a preferential basis. The solutions to such problems are easily offered on the same day itself to ensure that minor issues do not metamorphose into major ones. In addition to offering garage door opener repair service to our clients, we also offer other garage door services such as repairing, replacement, installation and maintenance of garage doors.

Experience Our High-Quality Garage Door Services

For sustainable and affordable garage door solutions, get in touch with our garage door professionals. We also provide troubleshooting services for garage door emergencies. Whether you have an automatic garage door opener or a manually operated garage door, we can provide you with the most effective results.

Our garage door technicians are committed to provide 100% customer satisfaction. To ensure that our garage door services do not cause any inconvenience, we call our clients to check their availability. In case you’re in urgent need of a garage door service, we schedule an appointment according to your convenience. Our technicians understand that garage door opener repair services can leave a service area in a complete mess. For your convenience, our executives clean up all the litter before leaving a client’s premises.

For premium quality overhead door opener products and services, contact our professionals. Out hotline numbers remain open 24/7 to address your garage door concerns.

Note: We DO NOT sell garage door parts. We provide industry leading service and repair work with the highest quality products available in the market. This is also why we provide 30 day labor warranties and LIFETIME warranties on most everything we provide to our customers. We do not recommend that homeowners perform garage door repair work on their own as it can, and has, caused serious injury and death.

Part No.Description
GU0005Guardian 315 Chain Drive (7FT PKG)
GU0010Guardian 628 Belt Drive (7FT PKG)
GU0015Guardian 7FT Belt Rail
GU0020Guardian 8FT Belt Rail
GU0065Guardian 628 Belt Drive (8FT PKG)
GU0075Guardian 600 Belt Drive (7FT PKG)
GU0080Guardian 600 Belt Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0135LiftMaster 3280 1/2 HP Belt Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0140LiftMaster 3255 1/2 HP Chain Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0145LiftMaster 3800 JackShaft (7FT PKG)
LM0150LiftMaster 8557 3/4 Belt Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0155LiftMaster 7FT Belt Rail
LM0160LiftMaster 8FT Belt Rail
LM0165LiftMaster 7FT Chain Rail
LM0170LiftMaster 8FT Chain Rail
LM0175LiftMaster 10FT Rail
LM0180LiftMaster 1345 1/3 HP Chain Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0185LiftMaster 1355 1/2 HP Chain Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0190LiftMaster 1356 1/2 HP Chain Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0200LiftMaster 3240 1/2 HP Screw Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0205LiftMaster 3580 1/2 HP Belt Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0215LiftMaster 8587 HD 3/4 HP Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0220LiftMaster 3840 3/4 HP Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0225LiftMaster 8550 Belt Drive W/Battery Backup (7FT PKG)
LM0230LiftMaster ATS Commercial Unit (7FT PKG)
LM0235LiftMaster 3275 3/4 HP Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0240LiftMaster 3265 1/2 HP Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0245LiftMaster 3850 3/4 HP Belt Rail W/Battery Backup
LM0250LiftMaster 7FT Screw Rail
LM0255LiftMaster 8FT Screw Rail
LM0260LiftMaster 10FT Chain Rail
LM0265LiftMaster 10FT Belt Rail
LM0270LiftMaster 8360 Chain Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0275SL3000UL3 - 1/2 HP
LM0280LiftMaster 3280 1/2 HP Belt Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0285LiftMaster 3255 1/2 HP Chain Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0290LiftMaster 3800 JackShaft (8FT PKG)
LM0295LiftMaster 8557 3/4 Belt Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0300LiftMaster 1345 1/3 HP Chain Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0305LiftMaster 1355 1/2 HP Chain Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0310LiftMaster 1356 1/2 HP Chain Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0315LiftMaster 3240 1/2 HP Screw Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0320LiftMaster 3580 1/2 HP Belt Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0325LiftMaster 8587 HD 3/4 HP Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0330LiftMaster 3840 3/4 HP Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0335LiftMaster 8550 Belt Drive W/Battery Backup (8FT PKG)
LM0340LiftMaster ATS Commercial Unit (8FT PKG)
LM0345LiftMaster 3275 3/4 HP Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0350LiftMaster 3265 1/2 HP Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0360LiftMaster 8500 JACKSHAFT
LM0365LiftMaster 8587 I-RAIL
LM0370LiftMaster 8355 1/2 HP Belt Drive (7FT PKG)
LM375LiftMaster 8360 8FT Chain Rail
LM0575LiftMaster 8165 1/2 HP Chain Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0590LiftMaster 8365 1/2 HP Chain Drive (7FT PKG)
LM0580LiftMaster 8165 1/2 HP Chain Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0585LiftMaster 8355 1/2HP Belt Drive (8FT PKG)
LM0595LiftMaster 8365 1/2 HP Chain Drive (8FT PKG)
MA0005Marantec M50 Opener (include 1 Remote)
MA0010Marantec 7FT Belt Rail
MA0015Marantec 7FT Chain Rail
SL0020EQ-2722 3/4 HorsePower (7FT PKG)
SL0025EQ-2512 1/2 HorsePower (7FT PKG)
SL0030SL 7FT Belt Rail
SL0035SL 8FT Belt Rail
SL0040SL 7FT Chain Rail
SL0045SL 8FT Chain Rail
SL0050EQ-2722 3/4 HorsePower (8FT PKG)
SL0055EQ-2512 1/2 HorsePower (8FT PKG)
WGU0015GD 7FT Belt Rail
WGU0020GD 8FT Belt Rail
WGU0055Guardian 315 Chain Drive (8FT PKG)
WGU0080Guardian Head Unit
WLM0145LiftMaster 8500 JackShaft (7FT PKG)
WLM0240LiftMaster 8365 1/2 HP Drive (7FT PKG)
WLM0270LiftMaster 8360 7FT Chain Rail
WLM0280LiftMaster 8355 1/2 HP Belt Drive (8FT PKG)
WLM0290LiftMaster 8500 JackShaft (8FT PKG)
WLM0350LiftMaster 8365 1/2 HP Drive (8FT PKG)
WLM0355LiftMaster Head Unit
WSL0060SL Head Unit